Vendor Logistics

  1. During move-in, all vendors must use Gate 17 to access the halls. Staff will be on-site to direct you in the packing and unloading of merchandise.
  2. Vehicles are only allowed to park along the sides of the halls to unload merchandise during move in. Please do not block the roads near the entrances. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense. Please move vehicles from loading docks immediately after unloading to allow others space to move-in.
  3. The parking fee is $18.00 per entry. All vehicles must park at designated Gate 17 restock parking Free shuttle trams are available to transport guests between the parking lots and exhibition halls.

Asian american expo parking map

Vendor Move In

Move-In (Feb. 14, 10 AM-8 PM) 

  1. The Information Center is located at the entrance of Exhibition Hall 4. Show personnel will be onsite to guide and assist you with any event-related questions.
  2. All vehicles must enter through Gate 17 to access the exhibit halls. Vendors can unload on all sides of Halls 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. Vehicles must move away immediately after unloading. Please do not park or block the roads of all major entrances or your vehicle will be towed.
  3. Preparations and moving-in of all equipment and merchandise must be completed by Friday, Jan. 14 at 7 PM. Security will be provided for overnight safety, but it is not advisable to leave any valuable merchandise behind.
  4. Vendors who do not need tables, chairs or booths set-up, should inform show organizer prior to move-in. Please do not remove booth frames at any time. If additional tables and chairs are required, please supply your own or rent from our decoration contractor. Please do not take anything not belonging to you. It is your responsibility to make sure that no damage of any kind happens to the drapes, tables, chairs or any rental equipment. You will be held responsible for the replacement costs if anything happens.
  5. In compliance with Fire Department regulations, oversized or top cover tents and decorations are prohibited in the halls. Please make sure all decorations and banners do not exceed the height of your own booth space. The use of any open space next to your own booth space is prohibited. If violations occur, Fairplex security will remove all equipment, merchandise, and or decorations in violation.

Event day

  1. The show officially opens at 10 AM to the general public. All vendors are expected to arrive by 9 AM to prepare before official opening time. All buildings will be open to vendors by 7 AM. The show will end at  7 PM on Saturday and Sunday; it is advisable to not leave any valuables behind. Products and merchandise should be covered and safely secured.
  2. On both show days, in the case of any problems/emergencies, please contact us immediately at the Information Center located in Exhibition Hall 4. Please do not move out prior to the end of the show.

Vendor Move Out

Move-out (Sunday, 7:30 PM - 11:59 PM)

Vendors can start moving out after the show has ended. The loading doors will be opened once the general public has left. Any goods/merchandise left behind will be treated as trash and promptly removed by Fairplex after midnight.

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