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Are there any special regulations or restrictions for display vehicles?
All display vehicles inside the exhibition halls must have their batteries disconnected, the gas tank locked and taped and to contain less than a quarter tank of gas.
Can I hand out flyers or brochures?
Yes, however vendors are prohibited from handing out brochures or flyers of any kind near the entrances due to fire safety regulations. Please hand out your brochures or flyers at your own individual booths.
Can I bring helium tanks?
Vendors who plan to bring helium tanks must make sure that it is securely chained to a dolly and placed in a safe and upright position.
Can I bring my own tablecloths, drapes or decorations for my own booth?
Yes, exhibitors are allowed to supply their own tablecloths, drapes or decorations but must make sure that the supplied items are non-flammable.
Can I use the empty space next to my booth?
The empty spaces have been designated vacant by the Pomona Fire Department, and are not to be used for any purposes. Pomona Fairplex security personnel have the authority to remove anything placed within these empty spaces.
Can I use the aisles outside of my booth for displaying my goods?
No. According to Pomona Fire Department regulations, no goods or merchandise of any sort are to be placed along the aisles at all times, as this may impede the Fire Department’s passage in case of emergencies.
Will sinks be provided for food vendors?
Sinks installed with hot and cold water for food vendors are available along the food areas in Halls 4 & 5. We seek full cooperation from all food booth vendors to keep the sinks clean and from clogging.
How can I re-enter the show once I have used my ticket for admission?
Security at the gates will provide hand stamps to allow vendors going in and out of the show. These hand stamps are valid only for a single day.
Can I use my ID badge to enter the show?
The ID badges are only to be used for identification purposes; they cannot be used for admission to the exposition halls.
Do I have to display my seller’s permit in a public place at all times?
As per government regulation, all exhibitors conducting selling operations are required a have a copy of their seller’s permits displayed in a public place at all times. During the event, tax personnel will go on their inspection rounds.
Where should I park my vehicles if I need to replenish my goods during show hours?
For exhibitors who need to replenish their goods, please park at the Sheraton Hotel for closest access. The parking fee is $17.00.
Can I park my vehicle along the sides of the halls for the show days?
Vehicles are prohibited from parking alongside any of the halls on both show days. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.
During move out, when can I move my vehicle near the exposition halls?
Vehicles will not be allowed onto the show premises until the conclusion of the second show day once the general public has left.
What time should I arrive on the show days?
The show officially opens at 10:00 am for the general public; all vendors should arrive by 9:00 am to prepare before the official opening time. All buildings will be open to vendors by 8:00 am.
Can I sub-lease my booth space?
Vendors are strictly prohibited from sub-leasing any booth space.
I need additional table or chairs for my booth, who should I contact?
Direct your requests to the information booth located in your exposition hall. Please do not remove chairs or tables from neighboring booths.
Can I leave my valuable possessions at my booth overnight?
It is advisable that you do not leave any valuable possessions behind. Asian American Expo and Pomona Fairplex will not be liable for the lost or destruction of any valuable possessions.
Will the show organizer help transport goods to the show grounds?
As per company policy, we do not provide mail or package receiving services. Please take care of your own merchandise.
Can I request help with the offloading of goods from my vehicle to my booth?
Vendors are responsible for the delivery and removal of their own goods. No forklifts, pallet jacks, dollies or any equipment will be available on site from the show organizer. If needs help, please contact construction company.
I have goods that require refrigeration services for the duration of the show days, where can I store these goods?
As a service to our vendors, refrigeration units will be provided. Please contact your account executive for more details
Can I enter the Pomona Fairplex show grounds after the stated move in hours?
No vendors are allowed on the show grounds after 8:00 pm Friday night. If you have a scheduling conflict that prohibits you from being able to arrive at the normal hours, please make advanced arrangements with your account executive.
How do I enter the show grounds if I need to unload goods?
Vehicles must enter through Gate 17 in order to access the exposition halls. Once you have unloaded your merchandise, please move your vehicle as to allow other vehicles access.
What day is the move in (decoration) day and what are the hours?
The move in day is always the day prior (Friday) to the show days. All five (5) exposition halls will be open to vendors for move in and decoration from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.
The waste bin near my booth is completely full; who can I contact for a new waste bin?
To expedite your request, directly contact the information booth in your building and provide them with your booth number.
Do I have to attend the exhibitor's meeting?
It is recommended that you attend this meeting because all relevant details to the expo will be discussed. Additionally, vendor packages containing the manual, badges and admission tickets will be distributed.
Is carpet included in my booth package?
No, carpet is not included in the vendor package.
How many exhibitor badges are provided for exhibit booth personnel?
A total of four badges per 10 x 10 booth are provided for exhibitor personnel for the duration of the two show days.

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