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After a successful year of hosting virtual events in 2021, Asian American Expo boldly makes its  return to Fairplex on January 2022 to usher in the Year of the Tiger; continuing the tradition  of hosting the largest Lunar New Year Celebration in America. Eager to roll out the red  carpets for attendees, the 40th annual Asian American Expo is here to demonstrate once  again why this is a ‘must attend’ cultural celebration in America with a smorgasbord of food,  entertainment at every corner, a myriad of vendors to delight one’s urge to splurge, and  plenty more activities to participate. 

January 2022 will mark the year will mark the beloved event’s 40th anniversary. Since its  inception in 1982, Asian American Expo remains true to its roots from humble beginnings as a  local community gathering to share Asian cultural traditions and to connect people of different  ethnic backgrounds into a grand celebration that celebrates and unites all. Together in harmony  under one roof, the event brings together the splendidly unique cultures of Chinese, Taiwanese,  Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and many  more. With over 1,300+ vendors spread across 7 large exposition halls and 3 unique food  pavilions packed to the brim with culinary magnificence, Asian American Expo showcases the  absolute best of Asian culture. 

Joining Asian-American Expo is the return of fan-favorite anime convention ANIME Impulse and  the debut of two new thrilling events, K-PLAY! Fest and Sneaker Expo. A celebration of anime,  video games, and fandom, ANIME Impulse seeks to welcome back fans by kicking off their con  season with cosplay fun, voice actor guests and influencers, a bustling Artist Alley and Dealer’s  Hall and more. Serving as a beacon for K-Pop fans all around, K-PLAY! Fest serves to be the new  premiere event for Korean pop culture enthusiasts with cover performances, meet and greets  with beloved TikTok influencers, with plenty more in store. Last but certainly not least, Sneaker  Expo will welcome streetwear aficionados with a plethora of vendors offering the finest in  sneakers and apparel.  

This year, attendees will be captivated in every sense of the word at the 10 different unique  entertainment stages filled with non-stop performances. Featuring a variety of over 52 performance genres, guests can enjoy the likes of Chinese Acrobatics, Japanese Taiko, Korean  traditional dances, cheerleading, marching bands, drum craft, ballroom dancing, fashion  runways and more. With 2022 celebrating the Year of the Tiger, the acclaimed dazzling Lion and Dragon dances are absolutely not to be missed.  

Other activities present at Asian American Expo 2022 that are an absolute must include the  annual Expo Eating Competition, Ride & Drive, Lucky Raffle Drawing and the Photo Contest. The 

40th annual Asian American Expo eagerly opens its doors and welcomes guests during the  weekend of January 15th and 16th 2022. 

From a safety standpoint the Asian American Expo team has been very international and  gradual in its approach towards managing the ever-changing COVID-19 health and safety  protocols. Based on recent trends and guidance from the Department of Health and the State  of California, minimum policies instituted to all event participants will include the minimum  requirements: 

All Guests must be fully vaccinated or obtain a negative COVID-19 test 36 hours prior to  entering the event. 

All Guests must also bring a photo ID with a name matching the name on the negative  test or vaccination record. 

All Guests may be subjected to a temperature check for health & security purposes. All Guests (ages 2 and up) must wear face coverings at all times, especially when  indoors. Face coverings are not necessary when eating outdoors 6 feet apart from other  guests not in your party. 

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The Asian American Expo Virtual celebration will continue in 2022, beginning in May with the  celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. More details will be released soon.