Show Regulations

  1. All display vehicles inside the exhibition halls must have their batteries disconnected, the gas tank locked and taped and to contain less than a quarter tank of gas.
  2. Exhibitors are responsible for taking care of their valuables at all times.
  3. As per Pomona Fire Department regulations, NO goods / merchandise of any sort are to be placed along the aisles at all times, as this may impede the Fire Department’s passage in case of emergencies.
  4. No gas / solid alcohol cookware’s or open flame equipment’s are allowed in the food area. We recommend using ovens, microwaves, and toasters. Any vendors caught using open flame equipment will be prohibited from participating in the show. Special cooking areas will be set up outside the halls for open flame cooking; vendors will still be required to provide their own flame cooking equipment. Food vendors who need to use these cooking facilities need to register with the organizers.
  5. Dumping of trash, oil, soup, ice or food is prohibited on Fairplex grounds. Waste cooking oil must dump in the waste oil container only.
  6. Glass containers may not be brought onto Fairplex grounds per Fairplex Code of 0919Conduct.
  7. All cooking involving “grease” must be done over a tarped covered floor area. Cardboard boxes, carpets are unacceptable.
  8. No BBQ is allotted in front of the booth without proper enclosure to keep away from pedestrians (ie. barricades).
  9. Any vendor selling, sampling and cooking without proper health permits will be asked to leave event premises. NO Exceptions.
  10. Vendors must not block nor place boxes to prevent access to the 3 compartment sink area at any time.
  11. All food vendors should prepare trash bins to dispose of litter / trash from food packages and wrappings within booths.
  12. Do not remove any of the frames used for the structures of the booths on your own as it will collapse and may cause potential hazard to anyone in the vicinity. Please see the Information Booths located in each hall for any assistance.
  13. The floor plans for all Halls have been approved by the Fire Marshall and City of Pomona. Any empty space available is not to be used for any purposes. Pomona Fairplex’s security personnel have the authority to remove anything placed within these empty spaces.
  14. All hall entrances cannot be blocked at anytime. Exhibitors are not allowed to hand out brochures / flyers of any kind around the entrances. Please hand out your brochures / flyers at your own individual booths.
  15. Exhibitors who plan to bring helium tanks must make sure it is securely chained to a dolly and placed in a safe and upright position.
  16. Exhibitors supplying their own table cloths, drapes and decorations must make sure they are non-flammable.
  17. Every exhibiting company is allotted exhibitor badges based on their contracted booth space. A standard booth (10' x 10') is allotted 4 badges plus 8 admission tickets for two show days. Exhibitor badges are STRICTLY for identification of exhibitor personnel working in your company's booth and NOT to be used for admission into the show halls on both show days. Exhibitors will be granted access into the show halls on move-in day with the badges. For security purposes, these badges are NOT to be given to friends, clients, etc.
  18. Bicycle riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, moped riding, segway riding, hoverboarding or skating of any kind on Fairplex Ground are prohibited.
  19. Guests/ exhibitors are required to comply with all local, state and federal laws, as well as individual Fairplex policies, rules and instructions posted or otherwise listed.