動漫展 Anime Impluse Address

無論你是Cosplay骨灰級玩家、電動遊戲高手、御宅族、還是單純的動漫愛好者,在ANIME IMPULSE你都能找到強烈的歸屬感。匯集了大量“二次元”文化中的精彩元素,各路大神匯聚一堂,有表演切磋也有聯機對戰,有暗黑哥特也有可愛呆萌,ANIME IMPULSE就像是一個隔離了現實世界的異想時空,創意在這裡天馬行空,每個人都能找回最熱血的夢想。 ANIME IMPULSE is the exciting new project fusing the world of Anime and Video Games. The event will highlight appearances from celebrities, special guests, eSports, panels, cosplay, VIP parties, vendors, artist alleys, delicious food, treats, and the cutest (kawaii) fashion from our runway stage! The goal for this event is to provide casual fans and otakus to have a venue to gather and indulge in fandom. To meet like-minded people and motivate creativity within the community. Address

時裝大折扣 Silk Show Address

囊括了時下最前沿的時尚設計以及流行文化,Silk Show打造出一個集合了時尚、音樂以及表演的潮流盛會,為品牌提供了一個同消費者近距離接觸的平台。在這裡,所有你喜歡的品牌都提供50%到80%的折扣,年輕人們聚集在一起,盡情購物狂歡,在啤酒和音樂的相伴下,一起慶祝這新年的盛大派對。 Silk Show is an all new sample sale event. We provide the perfect platform for brands to connect directly with their customers in a fun setting. For our attendees we give you an event to shop your favorite brands at 50% - 80% off retail price. It’s an all-around good time. Our concept of integrating our shopping platform within large scaled events, assures we bring in the foot traffic that equals sales for brands, and deals for customers. Address

“大胃王”比賽 Eating Competition Address

“大胃王”比賽將在華人工商大展上舉行。比賽中所用食物囊括了亞洲各地美食以及小零食,好吃又好玩!比賽食物有:拉麵、燒仙草、八寶粥、鳳梨酥、薩其馬等等。最快食用完指定數量食物者將獲得本場比賽勝利。獎品豐厚!吃貨們快點準備起來吧! Participants compete against each other to consume large quantities of food in a short time period. Eating contests can involve a challenge to eat large and interesting food items, including noodles, hamburgers and other Asian food in a set amount of time. Those who finish the item will be rewarded! A lot of fun! Join us! Address