JANUARY 14 & 15, 2017


華人工商大展創建於1982年,當初成立的宗旨是為了創造商家與顧客面對面的購買契機。開始從一個只有60多家參展廠商及一個展覽大廳的篳路藍縷階段,經過三十多年的不斷成長與蛻變,今天,華人工商大展設有6個大型展覽大廳,展會面積涵蓋40萬個展示空間,1000多個參展廠商,8個節目不間斷的表演舞台,3個各具特色的美食廣場。參展廠商,表演節目及參觀群眾均來自不同族裔和背景,或本地或國際,多元文化已是華人工商大展的特色之一。華人工商大展的英文名稱也由當初的Chinese American Expo正式更名為Asian American Expo。 Founded in 1982 as a means of gathering the local community together – much has changed over the last 30 years for the Asian American Expo. When it first launched, the event was called the Chinese American Expo, with only 60 exhibitors and a simple goal of bringing together local Asian businesses and consumers under one roof. From those humble beginnings, the Asian American Expo has expanded both its reach and its scale. Today the Asian American Expo features 6 large expositions halls encompassing over 400,000 exhibition space, 1,000+ vendors, 8 non-stop performing stages, and 3 separately unique food courts. Attendees from all different ethnic and work backgrounds, from both local and international are bound to be at the Expo.


The Asian American Expo is hosted at the beginning of each year to celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year Festival, with the goal recreating the New Year celebrations found across Asia at this time of the year. Food, shopping, entertainment and fun – these are all annual staples that can be found at each year’s event. All of this success would not be made possible without the support from the greater community both locally and internationally.

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大家怎麼說What people say?

"哇哦,这次的活动太吸引人了! 这是我第一次参加,但绝不会是最后一次。"

"Wow, this event was spectacular! This was my very first visit and many more to come."

Jackson H., 洛杉磯, 加州
Jackson H., Los Angeles, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"Asian Expo is always fun, nice to stock up on foods I'd never see at usual shopping haunts."

Rob B., 厄浦蘭, 加州
Rob B., Upland, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"Just think of this place as 626 Night Market times 10!"

Danny N., 西柯文納, 加州
Danny N., West Covina, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"If you love Asian food, you will have fun here. Lots of different food to sample and buy."

Cutie Z., 阿罕布拉, 加州
Cutie Z., Alhambra, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"There is so much to chose from and so many vendors for shopping."

Carmen B., 哈仙達崗, 加州
Carmen B., Hacienda Heights, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"This event was fun! My family and I had a blast. This was my first time attending the expo."

Ricky S., 洛杉磯, 加州
Ricky S., Los Angeles, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?


"Total fan of Asian American Expo!"

Virginia T., 阿罕布拉, 加州
Virginia T., Alhambra, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?

"我給華人工商大展5顆星因為我真的在這裡玩的很愉快! 最後,我跟我的朋友周日的時候又跑回去參加第二天的展會,我們就是想逛遍所有展廳,參加遍所有的活動。"

"I give it 5 STARS because I had Fun! I actually ended up going back on Sunday, with my friend, because we wanted to explore all Halls and events."

Zoe M., 新港海灘, 加州
Zoe M., Newport Beach, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?

"哇哦,這個活動簡直太棒了! 超級多免費贈品,也有超級多的美食。"

"This place is pretty awesome! Tons of freebies, lots of food for the foodies."

Zoe M., 聖蓋博, 加州
JoJo B., San Gabriel, CA

大家怎麼說What people say?

"POMONA FAIRPLEX 的華人工商大展簡直帶給我太多驚喜了。"

"I was blown away by the Asian American Expo, which was held at the Pomona Fairplex."

Abby A., 杜阿爾特, CA
Abby A., Duarte, CA